Richard Nixon and Elvis Presley met in the White House's Oval Office on Dec. 21, 1970. CC/Archives.gov

A steely Michael Shannon is rocking sideburns and bell-bottoms. Across from him is “House of Cards” antihero Frank Underwood himself, Kevin Spacey, in aging makeup. If the sun-drenched room in the background looks familiar, that’s because it’s the White House's Oval Office. Here we have the new teaser photo for the upcoming “Elvis & Nixon.”

Elvis Presley met with then-President Richard Nixon in 1970 to request joining the FBI as a special agent. The two took a moment to pose for one of the most iconic snapshots of the decade. The upcoming movie, based on one of the strangest of presidential stories, bills itself as a comedy. It's from “Hateship Loveship” director Liza Johnson and is in production in New Orleans. There’s plenty of time for fans to get all shook up.

The Hollywood Reporter revealed the first look at the meeting of two American icons from the Berlin Film Festival, which began Monday and will continue through Feb. 15.

“Elvis & Nixon” also stars Alex Pettyfer (“Magic Mike”), Colin Hanks (TV’s “Fargo”), Evan Peters ("X-Men: Days of Future Past"), Johnny Knoxville (“Jackass”) and playwright Tracy Letts (“Killer Joe,” “August: Osage County”). No release date has been set.