Orders for a Bernie Sanders action figure, complete with the U.S. Democratic presidential hopeful's signature slouch, open mouth and accusatory pointed finger, flood in from fans. Helena Williams reports.

Video Transcript:

He slouches, points and raises a lot of cash and could be yours to take home very soon.

Orders for a Bernie Sanders action figure are flooding in months ahead of the product's delivery date in July.

The 6-inch plastic prototype of the U.S Democratic presidential hopeful was designed by FCTRY, who started a Kickstarter campaign to fund production.

Jason Feinberg is FCTRY's CEO.

"We were only seeking $15,000 to get it off the ground. And I think as of the last time I looked at it, we've done about $40,000. So it became the most popular project on Kickstarter yesterday, on its first day. And it looks like it's going to be kind of huge."

The company was behind a Barack Obama action figure, selling 200,000 dolls in 2008.

"It's sort of like the legacy of what got this company started. I started initially by making historical characters, people like Einstein, Freud and Picasso. But then the first breakout product that I had that let me quit my day job was an Obama action figure in 2008. Since the Obama election, I've sort of been waiting around for the next wave of Democratic candidates to come along."

FCTRY has also sold 20,000 Hillary Clinton action figures.

The company says buying the toys will help the presidential hopefuls, with $1 from every online sale going to their campaigns.

If you were hoping to hang out with a Donald Trump or Ted Cruz, though, you're out of luck.

FCTRY has no plans to turn any Republican White House contenders into action figures.