Are you planning on traveling to the United States anytime soon? Whether you're a tourist, student, or on a business trip, one thing that can make your trip super convenient is getting a personal U.S. mobile number. While your local provider offers roaming access, this may not be the best option considering the international charges and possible hidden fees. There are definitely more benefits to getting a personal U.S. number, like access to wider signal coverage and cheaper rates for calls and text messages.

If you're looking for the best mobile phone plans for international travel or the best mobile phone plans for students, Mint Mobile has an awesome selection of plans to suit your needs.

What makes Mint Mobile different?

Mint Mobile is the "smarter" wireless service company that offers flexible packages for both short-term and long-term contracts. If you have a limited budget, Mint Mobile allows you to select from a variety of affordable data plans starting at 4GB, 10GB to 20 GB. They have user-friendly packages based so you can maximize your budget. In terms of flexibility, you can easily change the details of your plan or add additional data anytime you need it. Starting at an industry-low of $15, it is easily one of the best offers around.


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Regardless of your selected package, you'll have access to unlimited calls and texts making it easier for you to contact anyone while you're away. You'll also get access to a mobile hotspot service through your device for areas where there is little to no WiFi. You'll also receive a 3-in-1 sim card that can be changed and altered in size depending on what your mobile phone supports. All these are offered in 5G and 4G LTE making it so much easier to stay connected. 


Unsure of the duration of your stay? Mint Mobile offers flexible plans starting at 3 months, 6 months or even 12 months. The short-term options are perfect for international students, those on a business trip or those who are staying here temporarily. You can easily renew or extend your plan so you don't have to overcommit.

Get the latest phones with Mint Mobile!

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The iPhone package deal comes with 6 months of free service. Select from the latest iPhone models: iPhone 12, iPhone Mini or iPhone SE. Despite the inclusions, the monthly payment starts at only $21. Considering that you're getting the entire bundle + 6 months of service, it's definitely a great price.

Plan Prices

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As for plan prices, the lowest package starts at $15 per month. You'll get 4GB of 5G-supported data with nationwide coverage. The price increases as you add more data. If you don't like having limited data, you can avail the unlimited data plan that starts at $30. If you're still unsure of the prices, use the Mint Mobile savings calculator to see that you'll be able to save a minimum of $135 per month for all the services you'll get to enjoy.