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Today is the Summer Solstice, which means that summer has officially begun ! It’s time to kick back and reward yourself for working hard through the long winter.

For some that means beach days, cookouts and outdoor adventures. For others, relaxation is as simple as queuing up something good on Netflix and living vicariously through the characters on your screen. The streaming giant features an impressive library of TV shows, documentaries and movies with new originals coming out all the time.

If you’re less about finding an adventure-filled summer romance and more about watching one play out before your eyes, we’ve got a treat for you. Below are the 16 best summer movies streaming on Netflix right now:

  1. “A Walk to Remember” (2002): This Adam Shankman directed film set the bar for all romantic movies that followed. Watching Jamie (Mandy Moore) and Landon's (Shane West) young relationship evolve will have you questioning everything you thought you knew about love.
  2. “Shawshank Redemption” (1994): What could be more thrilling than breaking out of jail and heading South of the border?
  3. “The Sandlot” (1993): Laugh along with Wendy (Marley Shelton), Scott Smalls (Tom Guiry), Ham (Patrick Renna) and the gang as they try to stay out of trouble.
  4. “The Seven Year Itch” (1955): Beat the heat with this racy flick about a well-off Manhattanite who can't keep his eyes of the beautiful blond (played by Marylin Monroe) who just moved in upstairs.
  5. “Take This Waltz” (2011): Love triangles are messy — skip the drama and stream this indie film about a writer named Margot (Michelle Williams) who is married to Lou (Seth Rogen). While away on business Margot finds herself taken with another man, complicating her marriage.
  6. “Grease” (1978): Sure, you’ve probably seen “Grease” a thousand times before, but Danny (John Travolta) and Sandy’s (Olivia Newton John) love story takes on a whole new feel when watched during the summer. Join the pink ladies and the T-Birds for drag racing, high school dances and “Summer Lovin’.”
  7. “Wet Hot American Summer” (2001): Growing up, camp was an essential part of summer. While we’re a little too old for field trips, kickball games and lanyards, you can, however, transport yourself to Camp Firewood with some of the most eccentric campers and counselors around thanks to Netflix.
  8. “50 First Dates” (2004): Think your dating life’s a bit of a joke? Watch as Henry Roth(Adam Sandler) attempts to build a relationship with Lucy Whitmore (Drew Barrymore), who is suffering from short term memory loss.
  9. “The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants” (2005): Missing your crew this summer? Watch this film which follows four best friends — Bridget (Blake Lively), Carmen (America Ferrara), Lena (Alexis Bledel) and Tibby (Amber Tamblyn) — spending their first summer apart, bonded only by a simple pair of jeans.
  10. “Elizabethtown” (2005): Drew (Orlando Bloom) thought he had it made — he had a beautiful girlfriend (Jessica Biel), a high-profile job as a shoe designer and a supportive family at home. At least, until everything came crashing down around him. While flying home for his father's funeral, a suicidal Drew finds comfort in a friendly flight attendant.
  11. “Y Tu Mamá También” (2001): A steamy cross-country roadtrip may not be in the cards for you this summer, but it can be if you stream this international classic. In the film two Mexican teens drive around the country seeking thrills in the company of an older woman and find that they learn a lot about themselves along the way.
  12. “Adventureland” (2009): James Brennan (Jesse Eisenberg) quickly discovers that summer jobs can be a bummer — that is, until he meets the girl of his dreams working opposite him.
  13. “One Day” (2011): It's a classic Romeo and Juliette love story — Emma (Anne Hathaway) and Dexter (Jim Sturgess) are from two very different walks of life. They start out as friends, reuniting once a year for nearly two decades before realizing that they are head over heels in love.
  14. “Ride” (2014): Jackie (Helen Hunt) had her whole world turned upside down when her son (Brenton Thwaites) dropped out of college. Despite the shake up, the pair manage to get close once again on the beaches of Los Angeles, taking surf lessons. In time, Jackie finds that she has gotten more lessons in love than she has riding waves and falls for her instructor.
  15. “The Do Over” (2016): In Netflix’s latest original Adam Sandler and David Spade join forces, playing two men bored with their own lives. They decide the only way to change anything is to fake their own deaths and take on new identities. What ensues is one hour and 48 minutes of pure hilarity.
  16. “Dope” (2015): Malcom (Shameik Moore) and his crew are just trying to get through the final days of school when they find themselves invited to a drug dealer's birthday bash. During the party a shoot-out ensues, forcing everyone inside the club to scramble for their things and get out. In the scuffle Malcom winds up with a large quantity of drugs in his backpack. The trio, who have little to no experience with drugs, are then forced to find ways to evade the drug king pins looking to get back the stash all while focusing on getting good grades, finishing out their senior year and getting into their choice of colleges.

Watch them while you can — Netflix adds and removes several films and TV shows from their library each month. Happy streaming!