Through its first five episodes, “Better Call Saul” has been the perfect remedy for fans still getting over the loss of “Breaking Bad” after the AMC show’s finale in 2013. However, those fans might have reason to be even more excited soon. “Breaking Bad” star Aaron Paul says he would relish the opportunity to bring his character, Jesse Pinkman, to the spinoff series.

Speaking to the Variety, Paul opened up about the possibility of appearing as Jesse Pinkman in a future episode of “Better Call Saul.”

“We always have fun having that discussion -- Vince [Gilligan], myself, Peter [Gould], the writers,” said Paul. “We just have no idea how that would happen. But hopefully one day.”

“How” certainly is the question. Working Pinkman into the new show would be a difficult task considering “Better Call Saul” takes place six years before the events of “Breaking Bad.” When Saul Goodman (Bob Odenkirk) first appears in “Breaking Bad” – Season 2, episode 8 – it is clear the characters have never met before. Plus, the six-year time jump would likely put the character of Pinkman in high school or even earlier, making it tough for the 35-year old Paul to reprise the role. However, don’t discount Vince Gilligan’s ability to find a place for the character to make a small cameo.

Watch Aaron Paul discussing the possibility below:

Paul is not the first actor from “Breaking Bad” to express interest in returning. Betsey Brandt, who played Marie Schrader on “Breaking Bad, recently said she would be up for a cameo in the spinoff as well.

Will Aaron Paul make a cameo in “Better Call Saul?” There are no plans for that to happen in Season 1, but fans can still hold out hope that they will see the return of Jesse Pinkman.

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