Better Call Saul
Fans got a peek into Mike's (Jonathan Banks) life in episode 5 of "Better Call Saul" Season 1. AMC

Episode 4 of “Better Call Saul” featured Jimmy McGill pulling off an impressive publicity stunt to draw in new clients -- pretending to save a worker from falling off of a billboard. Would the scam work? Jimmy had a bunch of new prospective clients lined up for consultations, but, not surprisingly, things did not go exactly as planned in episode 5, “Alpine Shepherd Boy.”

In the new episode, Jimmy got to meet all the prospective clients he won over with his big billboard scam in episode 4. However, it seemed the business he drummed up was the bottom of the barrel -- a rich, eccentric rancher who wanted to create an “American Vatican City” on his property and a wacky inventor with an uncomfortable toilet training invention. He was having some success, though, with the elderly -- drafting wills for old ladies. The silver lining had Jimmy and Kim (Rhea Seehorn) debating specializing in elder law.

Unfortunately, Jimmy had a problem. The police had showed up at Jimmy’s house and arrested Chuck (Michael McKean) after the whole paper stealing incident at the end of episode 4. Jimmy found Chuck in a hospital bed in an apparent coma with all the electricity in the room.

When Jimmy finally convinced the doctor to turn off the electricity in the room, Chuck woke up and confirmed that his condition is electromagnetic hypersensitivity. However, the doctor also confirmed -- in secret to Jimmy -- that the condition was mental. The doctor wanted Jimmy to commit his brother to an institution to get proper help, but Jimmy refused, opting to take him home instead.

Back at the house, Chuck confronted Jimmy about the billboard scam and Jimmy promised that from here on out, he would be doing things on the up and up.

Apparently, the up and up meant selling himself in retirement homes with his new elder law shtick – modeling his suit choices off of old courtroom drama lawyers and creating Jell-O advertisements.

Then the episode took a turn with the biggest insight into Mike’s (Jonathan Banks) life thus far in the series. After Jimmy gave the grumpy parking attendant a business card for his new elder law specialty, Mike showed up outside the house of a woman -- presumably his daughter and the mother of his beloved granddaughter from “Breaking Bad” -- watching her as she left in her car. She spotted him, but would not speak to him.

Later, while watching television alone at his house, Mike received some unwelcome guests -- the police. Things are about to get interesting for the “Breaking Bad” character.

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