AMC’s “Better Call Saul” is gearing up for an epic showdown between Jimmy McGill/Saul Goodman (Bob Odenkirk) and his elder brother Chuck (Michael McKean) in Season 3. Monday’s episode of the critically-acclaimed “Breaking Bad” spinoff saw Jimmy implementing a devious plan using henchman Mike Ehrmantraut (Jonathan Banks).

Mike posted as a handyman and fixed Chuck’s broken door – the same door that Jimmy damaged in order before storming inside his brother’s house. While fixing his door, the clever parking attendant took photos of the “damaged property” from a disposable camera. Now the slippery lawyer has photos of his brother’s apartment. He is certainly going to use it during his trial.

Episode 4 also saw Hector Salamanca (Mark Margolis) storm with his goons to Los Pollos Hermanos after his truck had been found to have cocaine at the Mexico-U.S. border. With his supply chain now disrupted thanks to Gus (Giancarlo Esposito), Hector ordered him to make room for his cocaine in Gus’ trucks. Of course, Gus isn’t someone who to take orders. He paid Mike a lot of cash to kill Hector. However, Mike refused to do the work.

Still, Gus offered Mike to work for him.

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What will happen next week in “Better Call Saul”?

The synopsis of Season 3, episode 5 on TVGuide reads, “Kim and Jimmy face off with an unforgiving adversary; Jimmy looks to Chuck's past to secure his own future; and Jimmy loses one ally but gains another.”

The synopsis clearly indicates that Jimmy is going to use his brother’s mental illness to get acquitted of all charges. Indeed, the promo of the upcoming episode, titled “Chicanery,” gives a glimpse into the explosive trial. He uses those pictures Mike click to show the jury and the judge that his brother isn’t “normal.”

Chuck is determined to revoke his brother’s law license. During the trial, he continues to stress the importance of law and doing what is right. Count on there being a showdown between these brothers who share vastly different ideals.

Of course, Kim Wexler (Rhea Seehorn), Jimmy’s girlfriend, is going to be at the center of this trial. A sneak peek video released by AMC shows Kim telling Paige (Cara Pifko) and her boss about Chuck’s allegations. She discloses the fact that he is accusing her boyfriend of altering the documents so that he looked like a fool in court. Kim warns them that there might be some public chatter about this trial. She also makes it clear that they can chose to go with a different attorney in light of these events.

Although Kim has been doing outstanding work for Mesa Verde, will they fire her and go to someone else? If they do, Jimmy’s scheme would be for nothing.

It also remains to be seen how Gus will paralyze Hector. He told Mike that he stopped him from assassinating the drug smuggler because a bullet to the head would be too humane for him.

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