It’s been 11 years since Beverley Mitchell ended her run as Lucy Camden on The WB/CW’s “7th Heaven,” but with how often she still sees her former co-stars, it’s as if they’re all still a part of the show. And it’s exactly that idea that Mitchell is very open to.

“I would love to do a ‘7th Heaven’ reunion,” the actress told International Business Times. Though the thought of it excites her, she said she had “no idea who would be part of it” when her TV dad Stephen Collins (Rev. Eric Camden), who confessed to child molestation a few years back, was mentioned. While Mitchell’s not sure who else from the original cast would come back, she knows that a revival could work very well.

“I think we would create some great storylines and I think it would be a really fun show,” she told IBT about doing a revival before going on to share her idea for a spinoff version. “And maybe if it was more focused on the kids and created amazing new stories and kind of followed us as adults because, before on the show, we were little babies and now we’re not. Who knows, I don’t even know how many babies I might have on the show. I’d love to know. How many kids does Lucy have?”

beverley mitchell 7th heaven reunion Beverley Mitchell, who attended the 3rd Annual Zimmer Children’s Museum’s We All Play Fundraiser in Santa Monica, California, on April 28, 2018, would like to do a “7th Heaven” reunion show. Photo: JC Olivera/Getty Images

Reunion show or not, Mitchell said she’s just happy that the cast — which included Jessica Biel (Mary), Mackenzie Rosman (Ruthie), Barry Watson (Matt), David Gallagher (Simon) and George Stults (Lucy’s husband Kevin) — is still very close with each other. Apparently, the “7th Heaven” alums have her to thank for that — and fans have her to thank for all the reunion photos periodically showing up on their social feeds.

“Oh, I stay in touch with all of them and I make sure that — I mean, the joke is I’m the glue,” she said. “I’m the one that keeps everyone together. No one can ever find each other, but I’m the one that hunts them all down.”

One of the reasons the “Hollywood Darlings” actress makes sure to stay in touch with everyone is because she grew up as an only child, so all the kids from the show are like “brothers and sisters” to her.  And, just like with family, no matter how much time passes between their reunions, “the moment we’re together, it’s like we’ve never been apart,” she said.

With talk of cast reunions and show revivals, Mitchell also shared that while she released her debut album in 2007 and fans got to hear her single “Angel” during the last season of the show, they shouldn’t expect new music from her anytime soon.

“That’s not on the horizon right now,” she said. “But you know what, I’ve learned to never say never. So, who knows?”

That’s a yes to a “7th Heaven” spinoff and a “never say never” to new music, which means it’s time to go celebrate by listening to her self-titled album while scrolling through her cast reunion photos on Instagram.