Beyonce shocked fans when she shared a photograph of her new haircut on Instagram. Instagram

Whether you like it or not, plenty of Beyoncé fans were shocked by her new blonde pixie cut, but according to, no one was more surprised about the superstar’s new do than celebrity hairstylist Kim Kimble. Chopping off your hair seems to be the thing to do, with teen sensation Miley Cyrus recently getting rid of her signature hair to sport a shorter, confident look, and now even Queen Bey has jumped on the short-hair bandwagon.

But a haircut isn't just about the hair. Not only did Beyoncé’s new look on Wednesday night shock Kimble, it made her emotional. The We T.V. star dished about what sort a statement a bold hairstyle makes:

“She had great, thick long hair, which she cut off because she’s ready to make a statement,” the celebrity stylist said. “It’s a great [one] to make: I’m beautiful, sexy, bold and I can do it all. She’s the perfect model for that: A workingwoman, mom, superstar, [and] businesswoman. She’s powerful in herself. “

Kimble, who is the star of We T.V.’s “L.A. Hair” and has been working with the diva’s lovely locks for years, had an idea of how she was going to style Bey’s hair for her upcoming music video, but since her client's reveal, she has had to start all over again.

“I had a whole plan laid out … I wanted to do a retro ‘50s type of hair. I feel like there’s going to be a meeting soon!” she told with a giggle. “It won’t be the long, wavy, typical hair, but I’m really excited to do something different. No matter what, she knows I’ll give her what she wants!”

Kimble still hasn’t figured out what she’s going to do with Blue Ivy’s mother just yet, according to, but she plans on playing off of Beyoncé’s new “easy, effortless style” and will probably go for a sleek look. Chopping off long hair is a big decision and Kimble thinks her client made the right one. “This was a big step, and it’s perfect timing.”

To hear more from Kimble check out “L.A. Hair” on We T.V. every Thursday 9/8c.