Instagram users questioned if a picture W magazine posted of "Lemonade" star Beyoncé was altered after her face appeared distorted. Above, the singer is pictured in 2009. Getty Images

Beyoncé’s new album, “Lemonade,” isn’t the only thing that sent fans into a tizzy Tuesday. Netizens slammed W magazine after it supposedly posted an altered photo of the “Sorry” singer from 2011 to its Instagram page.

“God she might not be, but #Lemonade proves that it’s still @Beyonce’s world, and we just live in it. See more on #Beyonce photographed by @PatrickDemarchelier, styled by @AlexWhiteEdits; W Magazine July 2011,” the magazine captioned an image of the superstar Tuesday. The photo garnered nearly 12,000 views within a day of being on the social media site from the magazine's 1.8 million followers, but most people didn’t have anything good to say about the image.

Many said Beyoncé’s face look distorted. Others remarked that her curvy body looked too thin. And their speculations are probably accurate, celebrity photographer and Photoshop expert Alan Barry told Radar Online in an exclusive interview Wednesday. "That picture is pretty funny. The image is so heavily manipulated that it might not even be a photograph at this point. It's more of a caricature," he said, echoing the scores of comments on W magazine’s page.

One of the things that stood out the most to Barry was the appearance of Beyoncé’s face. “Her face looks terrible because I think it's probably not lit particularly well – I'm surprised,” the photographer said.

He also commented on the thigh gap, a physical trait that is debated among many women, and the size of Beyoncé’s waist. "They took a lot of inches off of her waist, off of her thighs, they created a really interesting thigh gap. It's a very perfect, long triangle, it’s too perfect. I would say it was probably created," Barry said, conceding it’s “possible” Beyoncé’s body looks that way in real life.

The singer hasn’t responded to the controversy. She’s supposedly too busy basking in all the attention “Lemonade” stirred up. In one of her songs, she insinuated that husband Jay Z cheated on her with “Becky with the good hair.”

"Beyoncé is loving all the talk that is coming from the 'Lemonade' fallout, and she wants it to continue forever. She doesn’t want to tell people if they are right or wrong in their assumptions; she wants people to continue guessing,” a source told Hollywood Life Tuesday.

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