Coach K 'Madly In Love' With Beyonce
Coach K discussed his huge crush on Beyonce and meeting Jay Z at a recent Duke basketball fan event. Instagram

Beyonce made light of a potentially dangerous situation that occurred on Sunday in Brazil, her latest tour stop. Wearing a dazzling blue jumpsuit and rocking her longer blonde tresses, Beyonce worked the stage while in Sao Paulo on Sunday.

This month, the 32-year-old stunner resumed her “Mrs. Carter” world tour, which began in April, after a short break. Toward the end of her show, Beyonce walked around the stage and gave select fans the opportunity to sing along with her into her microphone.

However, one shirtless concertgoer got a little too excited, and he tried to hug her as she kneeled down toward him. However, he accidentally pulled her off the stage. Two of Beyonce's burly bodyguards were quick to act, disentangling the man and Beyonce. Ever the professional, the “Single Ladies” singer wasted no time continuing her performance.

She later calmed the crowd down, saying, “It’s all right,” as she picked up a Brazilian flag that a concertgoer threw onto the stage. Beyonce then went back to the over eager fan who hugged her, telling him, “It’s alright, it’s alright,” before stopping the show to ask him his name. “I love you all,” she told the crowd afterwards.

This is not the first time a fan has overreacted during the “Mrs. Carter” tour. In July, getting to touch Beyoncé’s hand was too much for one of her fans, who nearly fainted when the superstar gave him her attention. The singer grabbed the male fan’s hand while singing “Irreplaceable.”

He threw both hands in the air and was shaking and jumping up and down as Beyoncé continued to sing for about 10 seconds. Seeing his excitement, Beyoncé proceeded to kneel down and hug the fan, as onlookers screamed and snapped pictures of the touching moment. “I love you so much,” he seemed to say to her after she hugged him. When Beyoncé sang to him, the events were too much for the man, who bent down to the floor to take everything in.