• Beyoncé celebrates the different shades of brown skin in her new "Brown Skin Girl" music video
  • Kelly Rowland, Naomi Campbell, Lupita Nyong'o and more were featured in Beyoncé's "Brown Skin Girl" music video
  • Beyoncé also released her visual album "Black is King" last month 

Beyoncé wants to celebrate the different shades of brown in her new music video for her "Brown Skin Girl" single that features several beauties including Kelly Rowland, Naomi Campbell, Lupita Nyong'o and her daughter, Blue Ivy.

In a message that aired on Monday following the release of her track, Queen Bey explained what she wanted to achieve in her song.

"It was so important to me in 'Brown Skin Girl' that we represented all different shades of brown," Beyoncé said as quoted by Entertainment Tonight.

"We wanted every character to be shot in a regal light… It was important that we are all in this together and we all are celebrating each other."

The netizens were impressed with Beyoncé's new music video, and so many left positive comments after watching it on YouTube.

"This skin got shades in it, the skin that gave birth to all skins...HOLLY MOLLY!I feel so original," Friday Ekpo commented.

"Beyoncé’s music isn’t always my cup of tea but there are times when she drops gems like this that are undeniable," Juan Castillo added.

"I cried watching this remembering all the times as a child I was told I was ugly because of how dark my skin is," Dejonique Thomas wrote.

"Just seeing all of these beautiful women and men. Seeing their beauty and their smiles, makes me tear up. I just want my Brown skinned sisters and brothers to be able to smile, but what going on in the world won't let their beauty and their smiles shine. YOU ARE ALL BEAUTIFUL DARK SKINNED LADIES. DONT EVER LET SOMEONE TELL YOU YOU AINT," Siah wrote.

On July 31, Beyoncé also released "Black is King," a visual album on the music from "The Lion King" movie. The video also received praises from the netizens and even celebrities.

Adele took to Instagram and thanked Beyoncé for making everyone feel loved with her art. The "Hello" singer even matched Beyoncé's brown Marine Serre catsuit from the video with her own crescent moon-printed top from the same designer.

Jeremy Helligar of Variety also approved of the video. For him, it sent a powerful message about the history of the Black people.

"Despite its racially charged title, ‘King’ is not just for Black people. It’s also for a society of non-Blacks who have been conditioned to think of people of African descent as being less-than, without their own history and with limited futures," Helligar's review for Variety read.

"Written and directed by Beyoncé with various collaborators, ‘Black Is King’ reminds us that Black lives didn’t begin in chains. Those came relatively late, but they couldn’t erase a rich and complex past in the motherland. ‘History is your future,’ Beyoncé announces toward the beginning. ‘One day you will meet yourself back where you started, but stronger.’"

Beyoncé's "Brown Skin Girl" featuring Blue Ivy, SAINt JHN and Wizkid has already 1.7 million views and counting on YouTube.

beyonce Beyonce at the BET Awards 2020. Photo: Twitter/ BET