If you’ve missed seeing Beyoncé on the big screen, your wait may soon be over.

Talk of a new Yoncé role is growing after her name appeared on an IMBD page for the film “Hancock 2,” the sequel to Will Smith’s hit 2008 film Hancock. In the original film, Smith starred as a superhero living in Los Angeles who has grown less than enthused with his line of work. After saving an L.A. resident, who agrees to help him change his image, Hancock attempts to turn his attitude and life around.

As of now, the “Cast and Crew” section of the film’s IMBD page only lists Will Smith, Beyoncé Knowles and Irene Bedard as talent for the film.

If it is indeed in development, the movie will be Beyoncé’s first movie since 2009’s “Obsessed.”  She also lent her voice to the character Queen Tara in the 2012 animated film “Epic.” The film would be Will Smith’s latest since the release of his 2013 science fiction thriller “After Earth.” He starred alongside his son Jayden Smith in the movie.