Sept. 4 is B-Day! And what better way to celebrate Beyoncé's 32nd birthday than to take a look back at her some of her most iconic music video hairstyles. 

Bey's videos have always been mini hair shows, showcasing her ability to effortlessly rock just about any hairdo possible. She recently gave her golden locks a controversial chop, but that wasn't her first time adopting a new, dramatic look. 

From her cornrows in "Say My Name" to her curly fro in "Work It Out," we've gathered Beyoncé's 32 best video hairstyles below! Let the world changing fierceness begin. 

1. When she got a little sassy, mixing a few braids with her straight hair. 

2. Then made the room shake with her platinum waves.

3. She demanded that we say her name and respect her slightly awkward cornrows.

4. And took time to modernize the "Farrah Fawcett" with blonde highlights. Oh, and by throwing her hands up at us.

5. She was able to keep it chic with a sophisticated up-do -- even while stranded on a deserted island.

6. And rocked her hair bone-straight so she wouldn't distract from her curves

7. She expertly teased us with a Hula-Hoop and head full of equally bouncy curls.

8. When she and her humidity immune, silky locks turned a summer afternoon stroll into a photo shoot.

9. And then redefined the power of the hair flip -- all in the same day. 

10. She made half-finished cornrows OK. 

11. And added a couple tracks for a flair.

12. Then she cut it all off into a chic bob -- mostly for dramatic effect. 

13. Only to resurrect her lively curls and declare her naughtiness.

14. She danced for her life, sporting a ponytail with just as much attitude. 

15. Then slayed everyone at the dance-off when she changed out of her workwear.

16. She accessorized with a bandanna while searching tirelessly for a fella with a low-cut Ceaser and deep waves.


17. And then proved that not even the desert heat could keep her from a flawless hair flip.

18. She again rebirth her cornrows in a fabulous display of slightly ratchet perfection.

19. Then put her hair back up for a dainty loose ponytail and bangs.

20. And attempted to lasso a photographer when she added some aggressive length.

21. Then made just enough room in the back of the Royce for her epic braid.

22. And showed the world what breakup hair should look like.

23. Then ditched the blond and looked absolutely amazing. 

24. And that one time she looked like Shakira or Shakira looked like her...Either way we were all confused.

25. When she brushed her hair back to show her angelic face. 

26. Making way for Sasha Fierce to carve her name and sky-high bump into pop-culture history.

27. When her blunt bang and crimps didn't compromise her street cred. 

28. When she gave us every retro hairstyle our hearts could desire.

29. When she showed the style benefits of highlighting foil -- can we say trendsetter.

30. And accessorized with a sailors hat, managing to still look like a nautical goddess.

31. She made a headband and wispy bang look absolutely Bey-dorable

32. And finally, when her hair was as manic as a "Pon de Floor" sample. And we loved every minute of the shoulder-shaking madness.

So, here's to many more years of Beyonce hair greatness. Long live the king!