Ever since American singer Beyonce Knowles announced her pregnancy onstage at the MTV Video Music Awards in September last year, rumors that her pregnancy may be a conspiracy continue to circulate.

The pregnancy announcement itself was followed by a million speculations and rumors, carrying on till her delivery. Now after the baby's birth, speculations still haven't died down and the latest is that Beyonce was probably carrying a fake baby doll around, instead of the real baby Blue Ivy Carter.

A website, cdn.mediatakeout.com, has suggested that in all the various pictures taken by them, the baby seems to have grown extraordinarily quickly in just less than two weeks. In two different pictures posted by them, the baby's size seems considerably bigger and, as a reader pointed out, the baby's legs look too stiff to be real.

According to the website, when the two pictures were compared, they noticed that the baby had grown to about 2.5 inches. The website also cleared its stand saying it does believe Beyonce has a baby, but thinks she is hiding it.

One wonders why? Beyonce was always tightlipped about rumors of her pregnancy being fake. She and husband Jay Z were reported to have secured an entire floor of a hospital for the birth of their baby to avoid paparazzi. Then why would she suddenly act like a mediocre mother carrying her baby around everywhere she goes?

It would have made sense had Beyonce ventured out of her home alone. As people would only assume that the baby was at home with a nanny or a relative. Then why does she have to carry a doll around?

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Beyonce gave birth to her baby girl on Jan. 7, three years after she married rapper Jay z.

Speculations started when she announced in August that she was pregnant. Her announcement was quite dramatic as she did so by just rubbing her baby bump at the MTV Awards ceremony, allowing her swollen belly to speak for itself. But then there are pictures of Beyonce performing just a week before that night and there's no baby bump to be seen in those pictures.

Also, when Beyonce appeared for an interview on Australia's Sunday Night television program, her baby bump appeared to fold in on itself as she sat down. After the mysterious way in which the baby bump folded into itself, the Web was afire with speculation that she was not really pregnant and was wearing a prosthetic bump.

Apart from rumors about her pregnancy, delivery and now the existence of the child itself, there are also theories that the child's name - Blue Ivy Carter - may have its roots in conspiracy theories about the Illuminati and Satanism. Though this cannot be proved, all said and done, this baby's birth is perhaps one of the most controversial the world has ever seen!