• Doug Ramsey, 53, is accused of biting a man's nose during an altercation
  • The people accompanying the two men stepped in and broke up the fight
  • Ramsey also allegedly threatened to kill the man, according to a witness

The Chief Operating Officer of the plant-based food company Beyond Meat was arrested for allegedly biting a man's nose outside an Arkansas football stadium during an altercation.

The accused, Doug Ramsey was leaving the Razorback Stadium in Fayetteville after attending a University of Arkansas football game on Sept. 17 when the incident took place. Ramsey was leaving in his Bronco when another motorist pulled up his Subaru in front of his vehicle and hit his front tire, KNWA reported Monday.

Irked, Ramsey allegedly got out of his car and an altercation broke out between the two men. At some point during the commotion, Ramsey allegedly punched through the windshield of the Subaru, causing the driver to exit as well. That's when Ramsey started punching the driver and also attempted to chomp down on his nose, "ripping the flesh on the tip of the nose," the outlet reported.

Police were called to the parking lot at around 10 p.m. local time where they found "two males with bloody faces," according to a report obtained by the outlet.

The occupants of both vehicles reportedly intervened and separated both men. Police learned from the victim and a bystander that Ramsey allegedly also threatened to kill the man.

The 53-year-old was arrested and booked into the Washington County Jail on charges of terroristic threatening and third-degree battery. He is scheduled to appear in Washington County Circuit Court and Fayetteville District Court for the respective charges on Oct. 19 and Oct. 20, People reported.

Ramsey joined Beyond Meat, a company based out of Los Angeles as COO in December 2021 after having spent three decades in Arkansas-based Tyson Foods overseeing its poultry business.

"Beyond Meat is the gold standard in the plant-based meat industry and I am proud to join in its mission to produce delicious products that are healthier for our customers and more sustainable for our planet," the makers of alternative meat quoted Ramsay, as saying.

According to the Tyson Foods website, Ramsey was named president of the global McDonald's business in 2019 after the merger of the two companies. According to the company's website, Ramsey was also a member of the company's Executive Safety Council during his tenure. The website states that Ramsey left the company on his own accord.

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