President Joe Biden on Sunday visited the Delaware Memorial Bridge, where he gave a Memorial Day weekend speech to honor those who died in military service.

Biden paid tribute to the military community on the holiday, which is celebrated on the last Monday of May.

"Our military community is the solid spine of this country. It’s literally the spine of the nation," Biden said in the speech.

Biden discussed his late son, Beau Biden, who served in the Delaware Army National Guard and was activated for deployment to Iraq in 2008. President Biden noted that it was six years ago that Beau Biden died from brain cancer.

“As a nation, we must always remember, always remember. We must remember the price that was paid for our liberties. We must remember the debt we owe those who have paid it and the families left behind,” President Biden said.

“As many of you know, this is a hard day for us. Six years ago today, Hunter lost his father, and I lost my son," President Biden said, referencing his grandson, Hunter, who is the son of Beau Biden.

President Biden has often attended the annual memorial, which is hosted by the Delaware Commission of Veterans Affairs.

“The day will come when the mention of the name of your son or daughter, husband, wife, will in fact bring not a tear to your eye but a smile to your lips," he said.

While honoring those who died in battle for their country, President Biden also called for unity during a politically polarized climate.

"Those names on that wall and every other wall and tombstone in America of veterans is the reason we are able to stand here. We can't kid ourselves about that," he said. "So, I hope that the nation comes together. We are not Democrats or Republicans today; we are Americans. It's time to remind everyone who we are."