The Big Bang Theory
"The Big Bang Theory" Season 9, episode 16 will deal with the aftermath of Bernadette (Melissa Rauch) telling Howard (Simon Helberg) they're having a baby. CBS

The gang on CBS’ “The Big Bang Theory” is about to get a whole lot bigger following the big reveal during last week’s Valentine’s Day episode. With two of its members expecting a baby together, the gang will react to the news in Thursday’s all-new Season 9 episode, “The Positive Negative Reaction.”

During their awkward Valentine’s date last week, Bernadette (Melissa Rauch) revealed to the audience that she’s pregnant. Her husband, Howard (Simon Helberg), was too busy dealing with his rabid bunny bite to take in the news, which apparently he’ll do in episode 16. In a teaser commercial for the upcoming installment, the gang is seen reacting to the news in very different ways.

Bernadette finally tells her husband that they’re expecting their first child and he initially seems pretty happy to hear the news. They both carry that euphoria with them as they inform the rest of the group. Bernadette tells the girls, who seem genuinely happy that their friend is moving to this next stage in her life. Meanwhile, the men take Howard out for a celebration as the reality of the situation slowly starts to set in, as the episode’s official TV Guide synopsis notes.

“The gang learns Bernadette is pregnant and celebrate by singing karaoke. Meanwhile, Wolowitz freaks out over the pregnancy announcement and becomes convinced he must make more money to provide for the baby.”

It seems that Howard’s excitement to be a dad is quickly trumped by his feelings of inadequacy as he worries about things like finances and whether or not he can provide a good enough role model for his baby. In the clip, he jokes that he doesn’t even eat his own vegetables yet.

As important as it will be to see how the gang gets Howard through all this, the rest of the people in his group will have just as big of a reaction. This is especially true now that the gang is all paired off in couples, they'll have to figure out how news of a baby impacts their own personal relationships.

To find out how it all shakes out for the crew of “The Big Bang Theory,” fans will just have to tune in to the latest episode on Thursday, Feb. 18, at 8 p.m. EST on CBS.