“Big Bang Theory” star Kaley Cuoco is celebrating two huge wins with her horses at a recent equestrian competition.

On her Instagram account, the actress revealed that one of her horses, Escarlata, was ranked fourth at the medium classic event. Her other horse, Netty, ranked fifth in the lows. Cuoco also posted a series of action shots from the competition that was taken by her boyfriend, Karl Cook. In addition, the 31-year-old CBS star shared some videos of herself and her horses during the competition.

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As of late, Cuoco and her “Big Bang Theory” co-stars have not yet started filming Season 11. This is the reason why Cuoco has been spending so much time at the ranch. A few weeks ago, she also participated at a competition in Big Bay City. More specifically, she and one of her other horses participated in the 1.35 Open.

Cuoco started horseback riding at a very young age, but she had to stop from engaging in the sport a few years ago after getting into an accident. At the time, “The Wedding Ringer” actress had to film episodes of the hit CBS sitcom. After undergoing foot surgery, Cuoco was always seen standing behind a table so that fans will not see that her foot was still in a cast.

While speaking with Ellen DeGeneres on the “Ellen Show” in 2010 (via E! News), Cuoco said that her real-life accident won’t be written into “Big Bang Theory.” “They’re not writing it in. And I’m not going to question it. I was kind of shocked. I thought they were going to, but they’re just going to be hiding me kind of like when you’re pregnant,” she said.

Talking about the actual incident at the horse ranch, Cuoco detailed, “At the end of the lesson, my horse spooked, and I wasn’t really expecting it, and I fell off. I was laughing and my trainer was laughing. It was all very silly. I was getting up and my horse was still kind of spooked… I think he was trying to get away from me and leaped over me and landed on my leg.”