“Big Brother: All-Stars” is about to see its first elimination of the 2020 season and it looks like the house is quickly deciding who will get the week one boot.

Cody, Season 22’s first Head of Household, has nominated Kevin and Keesha for eviction. His picks, which were shown on Sunday’s episode of the CBS series, came after his plan to nominate Janelle and Kaysar were foiled by the show’s Safety Suite twist.

As noted by the Big Brother Network, the cast played in the Power of Veto competition over the weekend, which resulted in Enzo winning. Since he did not choose to save Keesha or Kevin from the block, one of the two will be eliminated come Thursday’s live episode.

While there is still time left until eviction night, it appears most of the cast is aware of who they will vote to send home first.

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David, Dani, Tyler, and Nicole F., the latter three of which are part of a possible six-person alliance with Christmas, Cody, and Memphis, noted during the live feeds on Tuesday night that they want to keep Kevin in the game.

Elsewhere, Nicole A. made a promise to Kevin to keep him and he gave her a “final two” deal in exchange. Later in the night, Nicole A. said to the cameras she wouldn’t mind if Keesha stays but that she prefers Kevin for her game.

Not everyone is on board with keeping Kevin, however.

Janelle has made it clear that she is on Keesha’s team and has advised her to campaign for votes to stay. She has also pulled in her ally Kaysar to help keep Keesha in the house. The duo has been said to have convinced Ian, one of only two former winners competing this season, to also vote their way, but it remains to be seen if he will side with them.

While all of the houseguests have not publicly revealed their voting plans, to date, it looks like Kevin has more votes to stay with the house’s largest alliance on his side.

The next episode of “Big Brother,” which will show the Veto competition, airs Wednesday at 8 p.m. EDT on CBS. The first live eviction episode of the season will air Thursday at 8 p.m. EDT.

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Kevin and Keesha are the first "Big Brother All-Stars" up for eviction in Season 22. CBS