“Big Brother” just sent its second Season 23 player to the jury house and on next week’s 2021 installment, viewers will get to see who the new Head of Household nominates and watch the Coin of Destiny twist playout.

Tiffany's Nominations

After winning the HOH competition during Thursday’s live show, Tiffany will put two players on the block for eviction. Spoilers from Big Brother Daily via the series’ live feeds reveal she nominated Sarah Beth, the prior HOH, and Kyland for eviction. Xavier is also on the block as a third nominee after taking it on as a punishment in the last Power of Veto competition.

The Coin Of Destiny Winner

"Big Brother" 2021 stars (from left) Sarah Beth, Tiffany, and Claire. CBS

The feeds also revealed that the cast has played the Coin of Destiny. For weeks, the cast has been using BB Bucks to opt to play in various games of chance in the High Rollers Room to better their spot in the game. The final game will see the players with enough BB Bucks play for the power to secretly dethrone the current HOH and pick their own nominees for the block.

Spoilers from Big Brother Daily and Big Brother Network indicate that Claire won the Coin of Destiny. While Tiffany was bumped as the HOH, Claire did leave her nominations the same.

After Claire had noted to the cameras that she wanted to go to the final two with Tiffany earlier in the day, the two spoke following the High Rollers Room gameplay and discussed a plan of action. Tiffany said she would lie and say she won the Coin to keep Claire under the radar in the house.

Who Is Going Home?

As for who is going home this week, it looks like Tiffany’s longtime target Sarah Beth is still in danger. The nominee, however, appears to be the dark about this plan. Prior to the HOH flip, Tiffany informed her that Kyland was her target, but with Claire teamed up with Tiffany, it appears the Sarah Beth target will remain.

As far as the rest of the season goes, it appears Alyssa and Claire will be the next targeted houseguests. The Cookout alliance, comprised of Tiffany, Kyland, Azah, Derek F., Xavier, and Hannah, all met early Saturday morning to secure their partnership heading into the final eight.

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