Jason Roy
Jason Roy is this week's Power of Veto (POV) winner in “Big Brother Over The Top.” CBS

“Big Brother Over The Top” just held its first Power of Veto (POV) competition, which saw Jason, Danielle and Cornbread fighting to stay in the game.

After being nominated by the online viewers, Cornbread joined Jason and Danielle up on the block. Luckily, the two other players in the game, Monte and Alex, are playing in the former’s corner.

The players were tasked to figure out a 4-digit code. Clues were found inside and around the Big Brother house. After 30 minutes, Jason successfully got the correct code, 2449. Most likely, he will save himself from the eviction, so either Danielle or Cornbread will be sent home this week.

Meanwhile, Monte was in control this week in the Big Brother house, since he was named the Head of Household (HOH). Prior to the nomination ceremony, Monte wanted to put Kryssie up as his pawn, but he feared that the latter would freak out and bust his plan. Monte told Shane that he will make Danielle his pawn instead, and he stayed true to his word. Danielle was devastated when she was put up the chopping block, but she was pleased when she received support from Neeley. The latter encouraged Danielle to try and win the POV so they could continue representing black women in America.

“Big Brother Over The Top” is the special fall edition of the widely popular reality TV competition “Big Brother.” After 10 weeks, a new houseguest will be named the winner and will have the chance to bring home $250,000. Next year, CBS will air the 19th season of “Big Brother.” According to Entertainment Weekly, “Big Brother” has also been renewed for its 20th season. Both installments will be hosted by Julie Chen.

“Big Brother Over The Top” airs 24/7 on CBS All Access.