CBS’ “Big Brother” Season 19 recently saw Jessica Graf and Cody Nickson fighting with Josh Martinez.

Warning: This article contains spoilers from episodes of “Big Brother” Season 19 that have not yet aired. Read at your own risk!

On Tuesday’s live feeds (via Big Brother Network), Jessica and Josh got into a heated argument with the latter telling the former that he’s done playing nice. Initially, Josh wanted to keep Jessica safe this week and evict Elena Davies since he’s the Head of Household (HOH). But Paul Abrahamian has been convincing Josh that letting Jessica go and breaking him and Cody apart is what needs to be done.

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When Cody hears Jessica and Josh fighting, he tells Josh that they should wait until they are both outside because he will really “rip him apart.” While this was happening, Jessica decided to make a scene by banging on a wooden spoon and getting into Josh’s face. Josh pretended as though he wasn’t bothered by Jessica’s move, and he ended up laughing. At one point, Jessica even called Josh fat, after which, this week’s HOH went upstairs to his room and cried.

The other houseguests followed Josh and comforted him. When Mark Jansen went up to the HOH room to reach out to Josh, the latter asked him to leave. Kevin Schlehuber spoke with Josh and told him that things will be okay. The stay-at-home dad told the other houseguests that he feels there is a need to gather everyone in the living room so they could all have a decent conversation. Kevin added that if he was in the room when Jessica called Josh fat, he would’ve said something to stop the incident from escalating.

At this point, Paul asked Mark why he didn’t stop Jessica and Cody from “threatening” Josh, but Mark said that he didn’t hear anything. Paul didn’t believe what Mark said, and the latter got upset with Paul accusing him of something that he wasn’t aware of. Mark pointed out that when Josh came to his face a few weeks ago, no one came to his defense either. He also said that Josh “bullied” him for a good 15 minutes, but no one stopped Josh from doing so.

Following Tuesday’s incident, it is possible that Josh will just follow Paul’s desire to evict Jessica instead of Elena this week.

“Big Brother” Season 19 will return to CBS on Wednesday at 8 p.m. EDT.