‘Big Brother’
Paul Abrahamian’s “Big Brother” Season 19 may encourage producers to stop casting vets in the reality TV show. CBS

“Big Brother” Season 19 houseguests seem to be forgetting one important thing these days: they need to fight for the $500,000 grand prize.

Throughout the past couple of weeks, returning vet Paul Abrahamian has been holding all of the power in the house, but this does not mean that his game moves have gone unnoticed. When he became the Head of Household (HOH), he made it a point to target Cody Nickson and Jessica Graf. But when Cody had the chance to return in the Battle Back, Paul started dictating the other HOH’s moves.

Even when he was no longer HOH, Paul told Alex Ow, Jason Dent and Josh Martinez that getting rid of Cody and Jessica first, before any other houseguest, was the right thing to do. Josh wanted to get Elena Davies out first, but Paul somehow convinced the Miami restaurant owner to vote Jessica out anyway.

But every now and then, the houseguests will have conversations about Paul’s manipulations. Christmas Abbott previously told Josh while he was HOH that he shouldn't do whatever Paul wants him to. Cody and Jessica were well aware that Paul had been manipulating the game, but they are now no longer in the house. Kevin Schlehuber also had a conversation with Cody about Paul potentially making it to the end since he has been getting his way with majority of the houseguests.

During their respective evictions, Jessica and Cody tried to separately bust Paul’s moves. However, it seems that his most loyal allies, Alex and Jason, do not realize that there could only be one winner next month. Alex and Paul have an agreement to make it until the end, so they would eventually have to let their alliances go. But based on Paul’s action plan, as well as his strength in the competition and his social game, he could easily win the entire competition over Alex.

Unless Mark Jansen wins this week’s HOH, it seems that there won’t be any power shift in the “Big Brother” house anytime soon.

“Big Brother” Season 19 will return to CBS on Sunday at 9 p.m. EDT.