‘Big Brother’
Natalie Negrotti and Victor Arroyo of “Big Brother” Season 18 will head to MTV’s “The Challenge: Vendettas” starting Jan. 2. CBS

“Big Brother” Season 18 alums Victor Arroyo and Natalie Negrotti will be starring in the 31st season of MTV’s “The Challenge: Vendettas.”

The two former houseguests will be traveling to Spain to pursue their personal vendettas against each other, as well as the other contestants. For the first time in the reality TV show’s history, the contestants will be working by themselves and not as members of their teams.

Only one winner could bring home the $500,000 grand prize in the end. And this figure might increase depending on the results of the competition. There will be challenges in every episode, and whoever wins will receive money for their individual bank accounts. The money of the contestants who are eliminated will be added to the final prize pot.

The objective of “The Challenge: Vendettas” is simple: to make sure that you will win or that the people you dislike won’t. In the teaser released by MTV, the cast of the reality TV show are screaming and pushing each other. Some contestants also seem to be falling in love and others are also hooking up.

Meanwhile, the 28 contestants in “The Challenge: Vendettas” previously starred in other shows, such as, MTV UK’s “Ex On the Beach” and “Geordie Shore.” “The Challenge: Cutthroat” winner, Brad Fiorenza, will also be returning to the competition this year.

“Are You The One?” alum Devin Walker is also one of the contestants this season. Devin admits that he’s not the strongest or fastest player in the house. However, he knows he can easily manipulate people.

Victor was dubbed as America’s Favorite Player during the 18th season of CBS’ “Big Brother.” The former houseguest is used to getting his hands dirty in order to win.

He previously expressed an interest in Natalie, a former NFL cheerleader. The event coordinator fell in love with Texas native James Huling instead. It’s possible that the two could revisit their budding romance in “The Challenge: Vendettas.” But it’s important to note that Arroyo is dating Nicole Franzel at the moment.

Other contestants include “Are You The One?” alum Kam Williams, “Dirty 30” star Veronica Portillo, “Road Rules” veteran Shan Lundrum and more.

“The Challenge: Vendettas” will premiere on MTV on Jan. 2.