Jillian Michaels
Jillian Michaels helped several contestants lose weight in “The Biggest Loser.” Just recently, the reality TV show is being criticized for teaching contestants improper weight loss techniques. Pictured: Michaels launches Curves franchise in New York on Jan. 20, 2014. Reuters/Lucas Jackson

“The Biggest Loser” is currently under fire for allegedly not focusing on the contestant’s longterm weight loss goals.

The reality TV competition has been known for helping contestants lose a considerable amount of weight within a short period of time. However, some of the contestants gained the weight back and more after leaving “The Biggest Loser” house.

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According to People Magazine via EW, “The Biggest Loser” creator J.D. Roth wants to get to the bottom of the problem by inviting six contestants, who lost a collective 630 pounds on “The Biggest Loser,” to be part of his new reality TV show, “The Big Fat Truth.” The cast includes Season 1 star Ryan Benson.

“The Big Fat Truth” comes after a study conducted by The New York Times revealed that the diet tactics on the reality TV show may have damaged the metabolism of the contestants permanently. This resulted in the contestants being unable to physically keep the weight off.

In the teaser released by Z Living network for the June 13 premiere of “The Big Fat Truth,” Roth shares his thoughts on what “The Biggest Loser” did to the six contestants and several others who are struggling with their weight loss journeys.

“They started the biggest loser unfit, unhealthy and unhappy. Then, they finished ‘The Biggest Loser’ hopeful, skinny, fit and ready to take on the world. But somewhere along the way, their old habits crept back in. And unfortunately, so did the pounds,” he said.

Meanwhile, Roth will be working with the six contestants for 90 days to help them lose weight again. Throughout the rest of the series, Roth will be working with people from all walks of life, who also have the same goal to lose weight.

“‘The Big Fat Truth’ focuses on revitalizing our participants’ diets and mindsets, and within the first 10 days alone not only did we see considerable weight loss, but also significant decreases in insulin levels and bad cholesterol, among other positive changes. This series is proof that the mind is the getaway to transforming the body,” he said.

Also in the clip, the six contestants who will be featured in “The Big Fat Truth” shared some details about how they gained their weight back since leaving “The Biggest Loser.” Each of them acknowledged the fact that they went back to their old eating habits. Jessica, who gained 140 pounds since leaving the reality TV competition, likened food and eating to her partner, Ramon. She said that food is like Ramon, who happens to be her comfort and support. She concluded her explanation by saying that just like Ramon, food doesn’t judge her.

In the end, Roth wants to know what exactly is to be blamed for the contestants’ weight increase. He is curious to find out if the weight gain has to do with the contestants’ metabolism or their poor eating habits and lifestyle choices.

“The Big Fat Truth” will air on Z Living Tuesdays at 8 p.m. EDT starting June 13.