• Jean Barreto was "cooked alive" and sustained third-degree burns
  • The 26-year-old was pumping gas when he was tasered by cops in pursuit
  • The cop who tackled him suffered third-degree burns while two others were injured

A Florida man was covered in flames and left with severe burns on most of his body after a Sheriff's deputy used a taser gun on him at a gas station. Jean Barreto has been undergoing "excruciating treatment" for his third-degree burns, his lawyers said.

Barreto, a 26-year-old FedEx employee, was returning from a gathering of motorbike enthusiasts on Feb. 27 when the incident occurred at a gas station in Orlando. He sustained horrific burns to 75 percent of his body after a sheriff's deputy shot him with a stun gun, igniting him into a fireball when he was pumping gas, NY Post reported.

Surveillance video of the incident shows a deputy, who was following Barreto after an attempted traffic stop, tackling him from behind and body-slamming him to the ground while Barreto was standing by the gas pump. The deputy knocked Barreto and his dirt bike to the ground, spilling fuel over both of them.

Meanwhile, three other deputies responded to the scene, and one of the arriving deputies deployed a taser at Barreto after seeing the biker and his colleague on the ground.

"The fireball, caused by the reckless, foolish, unnecessary and deadly tasing leading to the horrific explosion, engulfing the two of them and injuring 2 other deputies with minor burns," Barreto's attorney claimed Wednesday.

The deputy who tackled Barreto also sustained severe third-degree burns on half his body, while two other officials suffered minor burns, according to WFTV.

Osceola County Sheriff's office said the deputies were attempting to arrest the man after they received a complaint about a group of motorcyclists driving recklessly and pointing a gun at other drivers. Barreto's attorney responded to this claim by saying: "We're not saying anything other than let's get the truth out. And it's not out," reported.

Three months after the incident, Barreto is still fighting for life. He will be soon put in an induced coma to remove necrotic tissue from his body as part of treatment using a graft from his unburned skin.

"He is without skin on most of his body, his skin having been burned off. He undergoes procedures that require his dead skin to be routinely peeled off of his body. He is wrapped and unwrapped in gauze daily, bleeding profusely still as he doesn’t have the requisite amount of skin to contain his body fluids," the attorney described Barreto's painful ordeal.

Barreto's attorney demanded the case be taken up by the state or federal officials. “Again, another young male of color has been subjected to gruesome and shocking treatment at the hands of the Osceola County Sheriff’s Office and an independent investigation has now become necessary to ensure that equitable justice is achieved for all involved," the lawyer added.

Records show that Barreto has no criminal history and was not arrested or charged with any crime in connection with the bikers’ meetup.

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