• Bill Clinton said his affair with Monica Lewinsky helped him manage his anxieties
  • Hillary Clinton was hurt and devastated because of her husband's infidelity
  • Hillary Clinton didn't speak and wanted nothing to do with her huband after the Monica Lewinsky affair

Former president Bill Clinton said he had an affair with Monica Lewinsky to help him manage his anxieties.

In the Hulu documentary series entitled “Hillary,” the ex-POTUS opened up about his scandalous affair while he was still in the White House. Clinton compared his life in the White House to a boxer “staggering” after a 30-round fight and added that the affair was “something that will take your mind off it for a while.”

“Everybody’s life has pressures and disappointments, terrors, fears of whatever,” Clinton said before adding that he sought distractions to “manage my anxieties for years.”

“Nobody thinks they’re taking a risk. That’s not why we do stupid things,” he added.

The former POTUS said that at present, he is a “totally different person” than the cheater two decades ago. He also admitted that he lied to his wife Hillary until his affair was too obvious to be denied.

Clinton added that he finally shared everything with Hillary and he felt terrible about it. He continued and said that as husband and wife they went through “quite a bit in the last few years” and admitted that he had no defense because what he did was “inexcusable.”

For Hillary’s part, she confessed that she was hurt and it came to a point when she didn’t want anything to do with her husband. She was devastated and didn’t talk to him for some time.

The Clintons were photographed following the scandal walking across the White House lawn to board a helicopter to Massachusetts and their daughter Chelsea was between her parents holding their hands. Hillary said that it was an “incredible” moment for her because she felt that their daughter was trying to keep their family together and it was at the time she realized that the gesture was so “strong and wise.” So, she gave her marriage with Clinton another chance.

Hillary also knew that the public would have mixed reactions to her decision to stay and keep her marriage despite her husband’s infidelity.

“Look, I think that some people thought I made the right decision and some people thought I made the wrong decision. I have gotten both affirmation and criticism for the decision I made. That was true from the very beginning of deciding that,” Hillary said.

Bill Clinton
Former President Bill Clinton attends a requiem for former German Chancellor Helmut Kohl at Speyer cathedral in Speyer, Germany, July 1, 2017. Getty Images