As Bill Cosby spends his day in prison, he hasn’t lost his sense of humor with his fellow inmates. Cosby has reportedly been known as the “most popular” inmate in the SCI-Phoenix prison in Pennsylvania.

Cosby is serving three to 10 years for the drugging and sexual assault of Andrea Constand. He has been working to appeal his sentence and has claimed that the judge that denied his bail release during his appeal because of "racial hatred."

While Cosby continues to fight for his release, it seems that he is enjoying his time behind bars as he has called it an “amazing experience.” He even laughs and jokes with his fellow inmates, according to Raheem Shackleford, a former inmate at the prison.

He jokes “all day long.” Shackleford told Inside Edition. “As soon as he exits the cell, comes off the unit, he’s just Bill Cosby. There’s nothing different.”

Cosby, who Shackleford claims is blind and, in a wheelchair, caused a stir at his arrival at the prison. Another former inmate, Don Jones, told the news outlet that the guards were star struck by Cosby at first, but now he is being treated like any other inmate.

“Nobody bothers him,” Shackleford said. “Nobody threatens him.”

Despite being behind bars, Cosby has kept a positive outlook as Shackleford said the comedian “keeps his sense of humor” and has rated his treatment at the prison as “first class service.”