The Supreme Court on Monday declined to hear the case from Pennsylvania's Supreme Court, which overturned comedian Bill Cosby’s sexual assault conviction.

Prosecutors wanted to review the case and reinstate Cosby’s conviction: 10 years in state prison for sexually assaulting Andrea Constand. In 2018, Bill Cosby went to prison for the sexual assault of Constand.

In 2021, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court overturned that conviction. The decision was reversed because of a binding verbal promise not to prosecute. Instead, Cosby faced three counts of aggravated indecent assault.

"Cosby had relied on that promise to his detriment, namely foregoing his Fifth Amendment guarantees and testifying at four days of depositions, and that as a matter of fundamental fairness, the promise should be enforced," said Cosby's lawyer Jennifer Bonjean.

Cosby spokesperson Andrew Wyatt released a statement after the decision: “...we would like to offer our sincere gratitude to the justices of the United States Supreme Court for following the rules of law and protecting the Constitutional Rights of ALL American Citizens of these United States.”

Over 50 women came forward against Cosby for a pattern of sexual assaults spanning decades with various accusations of groping, sexual assault, and rape.

Prior to allegations, Cosby had long been known as "America's Dad." His reputation took a hit when he became one of the first male public figures to be convicted during the #MeToo era.