Bill O'Reilly
Bill O'Reilly talks hip-hop with Valerie Jarrett on “The O’Reilly Factor” Fox News

Bill O’Reilly and two other Fox News hosts were speaking at a Catholic church when he got so worked up about Democrat Bill de Blasio’s policies that he let loose that he wanted to trade blows with the mayor.

“I want to beat him up,” said the Fox News pundit on Thursday, when de Blasio came up in conversation.

He also railed against what he says is the scores of Americans who are “not willing to pay the price to succeed,” a sentiment echoed by fellow Fox News hosts Megyn Kelly and Brian Kilmeade, who were with O’Reilly.

Kilmeade started the firestorm against de Blasio and the takers when he read a question from the audience: “Have we reached the point where there are more people on the free ride- for example, the people on the free ride getting welfare – than those who are actually working for a living?”

Kelly brought up de Blasio in response to the question. “You work so hard, and you finally start earning some money, and you have people like de Blasio telling you you’re not paying your fair share, that you’re somehow bad, that you need to pay more, and you haven’t earned it," said Kelly.

Then O’Reilly said he’d like to beat up the new mayor of New York City, a sentiment that drew a round of applause from the church-going crowd.

“Give him a little Levitttown!” said Kilmeade, referencing O’Reilly’s hometown.

After railing about de Blasio, they turned their attention to the media. All three said that other media sources are biased and that Fox News was the “only place” to get “fair and balanced news.”

"There’s clearly a bias in the media,” said Kelly, “they cover the stories they want to cover, and they don’t cover the other stories," she said. "And then the extra layer of it is, some of them will engage in the shaming of media outlets that do cover the stories that they don’t think are stories, because they want us to shut up."

Confirming his cantankerous-old-man image, O’Reilly also criticized other media outlets as being run by “ex-stoners, sex-drugs-rock-n-roll, we’re-going-to-change-the-world” types.

De Blasio’s spokesman responded with just three words: “Stay classy, Bill.”