• Lil Nas X's music became No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 songs
  • The singer celebrated with series of tweets
  • "We get to control our own destiny," he tweeted

Lil Nas X's newly released song, "Montero (Call Me By Your Name)" dropped at No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 songs chart.

The 21-year-old singer took to Twitter on Monday to celebrate the success and address his haters. Nas X posted a series of tweets and wrote, "Y’all told a 19 year old who had just escaped the lowest point of his life that he would never have a hit again."

"You told him to stop while he’s ahead. he could’ve gave up. but 4 multi platinum songs and 2 #1’s later, he’s still here. thank you to my team and my fans! ily," he continued.

After thanking the team and fans for the love and support, he wrote in another tweet, "SUCK MY D--K! LETS GOOOO!!"

The music video was released on March 26 and within a week, it gained over 92 million views on YouTube. When the music video released, many netizens trolled him for the portrayal of gay sex, and said it was inappropriate for children and immoral. In the next tweet, he acknowledged those trolls and teased them with a witty meme.

"Me after getting a song about gay sex to the top of the billboard charts," he captioned a "SpongeBob SquarePants" video clip.

He went on to tweet about the "gay agenda."

Moreover, he shared a 2-year-old video of himself and wrote, "Made this video in june 2020 to congratulate my future self. now we here!! NUMBER 1 BABY!"

"Congratulations, you deserve all the good s--- that's happening to you right now," he said in the video clip. "You pushed through, 'cuz [made funny noises and gestures]. It's been a lot of s---."

"I hope my haters are sad. i hope they are crying. i want your tears to fill my grammy cup," he later tweeted.

He tweeted out many messages including, "god i am gonna do so much sex tonight," and also shared some wisdom with his fans.

"All jokes aside, we get to control our own destiny, never let the world decide it for you. no matter how dark it may look keep f--king going!" he wrote.

Nas X also launched a limited edition of "Satan Shoes" in collaboration with MSCHF company.

The shoes were a collaboration with rapper Lil Nas X
The shoes were a collaboration with rapper Lil Nas X AFP / VALERIE MACON