Is it finally Billy Ray Cyrus’s turn to get back at his twerking daughter Miley? The “Achy Breaky” sensation just released a hip-hop edition to his 1992 hit and the new version's video features scantily clad ladies and references to his daughter’s infamous dance move.

The country singer and actor, 52, teamed up with rapper Buck 22 for “Achy Breaky 2.” While Cyrus might be breaking everyone’s heart with this sequel, it's probably not in a good way.

The video is introduced by veteran television host Larry King, who announces that there has been an "unidentified flying object" over Kentucky. So, the new “Achy Breaky” is going to involve aliens of some kind? Make that twerking, mostly naked models with bizarre face makeup.

As Billy Ray plays his electric guitar while donning dark sunglasses and a sleeveless shirt, Buck 22, sporting a cowboy hat, soon joins in. “It happened because I happened to meet up with Billy Cyrus,” he raps.

But it gets even better where there’s a reference to the twerking queen herself.

"Miley keeps twerking, Daddy's song is working, now Billy sing that crazy hook again," to which Billy Ray adds, "Wrecking Ball!"

How did these guys come up with the idea to do a futuristic remak of the '90s dance song? Buck told Rolling Stone it was all his idea. He told Cyrus he wanted to try his hand funneling some flare into the 1992 hit.

"I asked [Billy Ray Cyrus] if he would mind if I could take a crack at remaking 'Achy Breaky Heart' and he looked at me for a moment, and said 'lots of people have tried already, but go for it.'”

But lo and behold, Buck 22 had already recorded some of his raps: “He didn't have a clue that I had already gone into the lab and cooked up a demo of what I thought would be a fun EDM/hip-hop styled version, which at the time only had a sample from the original of his voice. He liked what he heard and, weeks later, arrived at the session to record this track."

Check out the song below. The single has only been on YouTube for a day and already has nearly 2 million views.

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