Bird behind bars? Yes, you read it right. In an unusual incident, the Dutch police recently arrested a tiny parakeet bird and placed it in custody after its owner was arrested for shoplifting.

As the feathered creature was a partner-in-crime, sitting on the offender’s shoulder when he violated the law, the police had no option but to "arrest" the adorable birdie. The local police did not have a birdcage so the felon was put behind a regular cell with bread and water.

No wonder, the Dutch are known for treating everyone equally!

Sharing the photo of the green and yellow bird seated in a cell, the Police Utrecht Centrum jokingly wrote, “This bird sat on the shoulder of the thief we arrested for shoplifting. As we don’t have a bird cage, this bird had no other place to stay than in a cell.”

As it was a petty theft, the police released the felon soon, along with with his feathery friend who promptly hopped back on his shoulder as the duo walked out of the station.

“When the owner was released shortly after, the bird accompanied him. The bird has not been questioned and is as far as we know not guilty of any charges,” read the post.

The post has been making rounds on the internet leaving netizens in spilts who could not resist themselves from posting punny reactions.

“I willl show it to my birds next time they act up,” tweeted a user. Another wrote, “I hope the bird wasn't interrogated. It would've sung like a canary.” Some even went the extra mile, offering the bird legal assistance in case it got dragged before a court.

Who knows, the bird might make a plea in the case in the coming days!