Blac Chyna
Blac Chyna, photographed at the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards in Los Angeles, is preparing to join the Kardashian family by changing her last name. Getty Images

While the stability of the relationship between Blac Chyna and “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” star Rob Kardashian is up in the air, one thing is certain: They are having a baby. But after Us Weekly “confirmed” they were expecting a girl and E! Online said they were having a boy, questions circled about the gender of the baby. Could it be one of each?

The latest rumor is that Kardashian and Chyna are having twins. “[Chyna] knew almost immediately that this pregnancy was different because of how fast her body was expanding and changing,” a source told Life & Style in an exclusive report July 10.

Chyna hasn’t been shy about her weight gain. She even said it was her goal to gain 100 pounds. While that seems a little excessive, it might be more likely to happen with multiples.

“Why should I watch my weight when I'm pregnant,” she wrote on Instagram after the twin rumors circled. “Y'all Know That I Don't Play.”

Kardashian hasn’t been featured in any of her new Instagram pictures. He’s reportedly been depressed since their rumored split. “Rob has tucked back down the rabbit hole and has fallen back into depression again,” an insider told Hollywood Life in an exclusive report Thursday. “It has been the result of a lot of stress from his relationship, impending fatherhood and shooting his new show. He saw the light for a little while but now he has gone back into where he has been in the past and this time Blac [Chyna] may not be able to save him. All the progress he has made last year has evaporated. He is beginning to eat unhealthy again and he is in a depressed state again.”

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