• Dante’s fate is sealed in the new chapter
  • Vanica takes Lolopechka as a puppet
  • "Black Clover" Chapter 294 is releasing this Sunday

Asta is excited to see Magna defeating the Dark Triad member Dante in "Black Clover" Chapter 294. The new chapter is reportedly titled "As Promised."

Reddit user chemistrynerd1994 shared the latest leaks and spoilers for Chapter 194. The chapter starts right after Magna beats Dante. Asta looks happy and surprised after witnessing the epic battle.

Like Asta, Jack is pleasantly surprised to witness a fighter like Magna defeating a Dark Triad member. Meanwhile, countless devils are pouring out from the room because of Morris. "Black Clover" Chapter 294 also shows despite getting severely wounded, Dante is still not dead.

When Asta, Magna, and the others move to the next room, Dante revives himself but his new form is quite different.

Jack, who is still in the room, tells Dante he doesn’t want to spoil Black Bull’s victory and lands the final blow to Dante leading to his death.

Apart from addressing Dante’s fate, "Black Clover" Chapter 294 also explores the other fighters who are battling against the other Dark Triad members. Vanica, another member of the Dark Triad, takes control over Lolopechka. Noelle and Gaja arrive to rescue Lolopechka and battle against the evil Vanica.

Meanwhile, Charlotte and Rill struggle to take on Vanica and her new puppet. Can Charlotte and Rill fight against one of their own?

In the previous chapter, Dante is upset and angry with Magna who punched him in the face. Dante sends heavy rocks at Magna but the latter is able to smash all of them. Dante then goes on to tell Magna that he can steal half of his magic with his spell. But Magna will still take damage while Dante will be able to recover due to his regenerative capabilities.

The Dark Triad members rejoice because he knows their original specs are different. Meanwhile, Magna tells him he is the gustiest of all the Black Bull members and will not lose against Dante.

Fans can read the official "Black Clover" Chapter 294 online on Viz and Manga Plus. The digital copy of the chapter will be available this Sunday.

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