• Magna and Dante's battle ends
  • Magna beats Dante in the Spade Kingdom Arc
  • "Black Clover" Chapter 294 is releasing Sunday

A peasant rose to the occasion to fight against the mighty Dark Triad's Dante. "Black Clover" Chapter 294 will likely address Dante's condition after Magna delivers his final blow.

Asta, Nacht and Luck Voltia are awestruck to see Magna's triumphant roar after, what appears to be, one of his greatest victories. In "Black Clover" Chapter 294, Asta and Luck would try to find out how Magna fought against Dante.

The last two chapters established the rivalry between Luck and Magna. The grand victory in the Spade Kingdom Arc will boost Magna's confidence and he is likely going to surpass Luck.

In "Black Clover" Chapter 293, titled "Smash Injustice," Dante is shocked beyond words after Magna punches him in the face. Never in his wildest dreams did the Dark Triad member imagined a peasant would hit him.

Dante rises and strikes back with full power. He even tells Magna to steal half of his magic with his spell. Dante believes Magna will still take damage, while he will continue to regenerate.

The Dark Triad member reminds Magna that a peasant like him cannot bring him supreme joy.

"Black Clover" Chapter 293 goes into a brief flashback. Magna recalls how he is not like Luck, who possesses stellar instincts and keeps getting stronger after he was reincarnated as an elf.

He notes he is also not like Asta, who has the ultimate power called the Anti Magic. However, Magna knows he will never lose because he is the gustiest one in the Black Bull squad.

The flashback ends and Magna is shown packing a strong blow at Dante. He announces that he will never go down against an opponent like Dante.

However, Dante fights back as he lands several punches at his opponent. Just when Dante begins to gain an upper hand in the battle, he loses his devil's power.

Magna smiles and tells him they are both out of magic and Dante cannot use any of his fancy spells.

"Black Clover" Chapter 294 is scheduled to hit the stands Sunday. The chapter will be officially available on Manga Plus and Viz.

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