• "Black Clover" Chapter 303 is postponed to Aug. 22
  • The print version will release on Aug. 23 
  • The chapters are available online on Viz and Manga Plus

As Dom Toretto from the "Fast & Furious" franchise says, “What’s real is family.” Nozel Silva seems to live up to Dom’s words when he arrives to fight alongside his sister Noelle in the last "Black Clover" chapter.

Fans will have to wait for the Silva siblings to go all out against Megicula as the next chapter is delayed.

"Black Clover" Chapter 303 is postponed and no new chapter is releasing this week as Weekly Shonen Jump remains on a one-week break. The new chapter is now slated to release on Aug. 22 online and the print version will hit the stands on Aug. 23.

In "Black Clover" Chapter 302, Asta was astonished to see Noelle in her new armor. She asked Asta to take care of Lolopechka while she dealt with Megicula.

Meanwhile, Undine observed they didn’t have enough Saint Stage power to fight the soldiers. Rill was carefully monitoring the battle and wanted to help Noelle and Charlotte.

He admired Noelle’s Saint Stage and Charlotte’s special anti-magic attack. Rill vowed to provide a solid backup. Charlotte charged at Megicula and used her True Briar Magic: Crimson Vine Spear.

Megicula noted that in the midst of the battle, humans were evolving and becoming her “ultimate playthings.”

Suddenly, one of Megicula’s soldiers advanced toward Noelle and Rill tried to alert her but it was too late. However, to Rill’s surprise, Luck appeared and took down the attacker. Luck announced he will clear the way for Noelle.

Rill hoped if there was one more Lightning Mage to show them the way, things could get better for the heroes. And then, Gaja emerged.

He revealed he was practically dead but was grateful to fight for Lolopechka. Asta was hyped to see Gaja rising and going after the soldiers.

Noelle was steadily charging toward Megicula while her friends were annihilating the low-ranking soldiers. She attempted to pierce through Megicula’s spell but the latter covered her with spikes.

When Noelle thought it was over for her, Nozel appeared and asked Megicula how dare she appeared in front of his family again.

The chapter ended with Nozel saying that he waited for this moment for a long time.

"Black Clover" chapters are available online on Viz and Manga Plus.

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