• Asta and Liebe attack the devil in the Spade Kingdom Arc
  • "Black Clover" Chapter 316 is releasing Sunday
  • The chapter will be out on Manga Plus and Viz

Lucifero is regenerating and becoming more dangerous as the Black Bulls watch him transform. However, the appearance of Asta will tilt the battle more toward the heroes. The latest leaks of "Black Clover" Chapter 316 are out hinting at Lucifero’s fate. The new chapter is reportedly titled The Sword of the Unchosen.

A Reddit user named KamikazeMender has shared the spoilers of "Black Clover" Chapter 316 teasing Asta’s brand new move.

The chapter starts with Asta and Liebe getting ready to battle against Lucifero. They vow to save Captain Yami Sukehiro and not let Lucifero out.

Asta unleashes his fourth sword in Unison Mode – Demon Slasher. He also launches a new move called Infinity Slash: Equinox.

Due to Asta and Liebe’s brave efforts, Lucifero’s manifestation is stopped and he is cut in half. Yami and William Vangeance are saved after Lucifero is defeated.

Nacht Faust and Yami announce that Asta did it. And he has managed to surpass his two mentors.

This can prove to be one of the biggest victories for Asta and Liebe in the Spade Kingdom Arc.

In the last chapter of the manga, the Ultra Giant Bull attacked Lucifero who was in a giant form. The Black Bulls, who were maneuvering the Giant Bull, cheered the attack.

Luck sensed the exact location of the coffins that were holding Yami and William.

Elsewhere, Nacht noticed that Lucifero’s current form was fusing with the Tree of Qliphoth. He added if they can manage to save Yami and William, they can stop him.

Meanwhile, Lucifero was increasing the gravity and putting extreme pressure on the base of the Ultimate Giant Bull. Henry Legolant was draining the opponent’s magic power, but Lucifero’s power was only increasing.

Vanessa was finding it difficult to protect the cockpit and Nacht warned they must stop Lucifero before destroying everything.

At the gate of the castle, the members of the Resistance force were getting impatient for not being able to fight Lucifero. The chapter concludes with the arrival of Asta.

Fans can read "Black Clover" Chapter 316 online on Viz and Manga Plus. The digital version of the chapter is coming out this Sunday.

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