• "Black Clover" Chapter 319 gets a new release date
  • The manga remains on a break
  • The chapters are available on Manga Plus and Viz

Mereoleona Vermillion acknowledges that Asta is giving every ounce of his body to fight the devil king. "Black Clover" Chapter 319 is likely going to showcase Asta getting the much-needed backup before he rises against the enemy.

Fans will have to wait a little longer for Asta’s battle against the devil king because "Black Clover" Chapter 319 is delayed. The new chapter is now scheduled to release on Jan. 16, Manga Plus has confirmed.

In "Black Clover" Chapter 318, Lucifero and Asta were staring at each other as Liebe noted that the devil standing in front of them was the king of all devils.

Liebe, who was fuming at this point, informed Asta that this devil was the one responsible for Licita’s death. He asked Lucifero if he remembered who Asta was.

The devil replied why would he remember a lowly creature like him who has no magic. Lucifero then stated they were the unforgivable ones and went on to increase the gravity crushing everything.

Asta noted the opponent’s magic was astronomical and at this rate, everybody’s going to get crushed. Liebe told Asta that he wanted to take down the devil at all cost. Asta was hyped as he launched Devil Union but Nacht warned him that they won’t last long.

However, it was too late as Asta unleashed his Demon-Slayer Sword to hit the ground and cut through the gravity-affected area. He was able to advance toward Lucifero in an attempt to attack him.

Meanwhile, the devil from the second gate was shocked to see Asta moving freely through Lucifero’s gravity zone. The devil also called Asta an odd one because he lacked any kind of magical powers.

Asta and Liebe vowed that they will destroy the devil in just four minutes. Asta attacked with his sword but Lucifero was able to stop the blade and slid his finger on the sword.

Lucifero’s finger started to bleed and landed a massive punch on Asta’s face. The punch did some damage to Asta as he struggled to stand again. Toward the end of "Black Clover" Chapter 318, the other captains appeared and decided to fight alongside Asta.

"Black Clover" chapters release weekly. Fans can read the latest chapters for free on Manga Plus and Viz.

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