• Langris challenges Yuno for a fight
  • Yuno is now the First-Class Senior Magic Knight
  • "Black Clover" Episode 154 airs Tuesday, 4:25 a.m. ET

Vice-captain Langris Vaude is set to challenge Yuno for a battle in "Black Clover" Episode 154. However, Yuno is skeptical about how Langris fights.

After showcasing exemplary performance during the battle against the devil, Yuno becomes the First-Class Senior Magic Knight. Moreover, he is now in the same rank as vice-captain Langris. With this achievement, Yuno suddenly jumped to the rank right under the Magic Knights Captains.

The preview trailer for "Black Clover" Episode 154 shows Yuno and Langris preparing for the upcoming fight.

Twitter user Nitebaron shared the translation of the official "Black Clover" Episode 154 synopsis by TV Tokyo.

“The captain of the Golden Dawn, Vangeance asks Langris to return to his duties as vice-captain, but Langris is still not taking missions. Langris suddenly asks Yuno for a match, who was recognized for his achievements at the war merits ceremony and got promoted at an unusually fast rate.

In front of the surprised members of the Golden Dawn, the battle between Yuno and Langris begins where they make use of their full power, which is tremendous. Meanwhile, Yuno feels uncomfortable with how Langris fights?” the synopsis read, as tweeted by Nitebaron.

In the previous episode, Julius chairs the Magic Knights Squad Captains’ meeting to select the participants for the upcoming training in the Heart Kingdom.

Yami from Black Bulls decides to send Asta, Nero, Noelle, Luck, Noelle and Finral. Yami believes Asta’s anti-magic will be important in the battle against the devil and Luck is excited to be a part of the training squad.

Julius is happy with Yami’s selection. He asks other squad members to nominate. Meanwhile, William Vangeance nominates Mimosa Vermillion from the Golden Dawn and Crimson Lion Kings nominate Leopold Vermillion.

Julius reminds the captains that the training will be grueling. However, the participants will learn and discover new techniques and open a new world toward the end of the training. The second half of the episode showcases the award ceremony celebrating the fighters who bravely fought against Eye of the Midnight Sun.

"Black Clover" Episode 154 is scheduled to air Tuesday, 4.25 a.m. ET. Crunchyroll is streaming the episodes.

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