For the past week, Black Keys drummer Patrick Carney has been embroiled in an ever-escalating Twitter battle with teen pop sensation Justin Bieber. Now, the garage rock drummer has taken to impersonating Bieber on his own Twitter account, changing his display name to “Patrick Bieb Carney” and tweeting as if he were Bieber.

On Saturday night, Carney changed the picture of his Twitter account to one of Justin Bieber photoshopped to wear Carney’s signature thick-rimmed glasses. He’s also begun jokingly impersonating Bieber online, calling people “bro” and writing about “swag.”

“My world tour resumes in Europe tomorrow. I will swag u all so much. (Don't forget to pick up my new toothbrush) luv u!” Carney tweeted under the guise of Bieber.

Carney has also started replying to the insults of Bieber fans in a hilariously over-the-top manner. After one Bieber fan asked if Carney is “retarded,” the drummer replied “That is nawt kewl bra. u shood be moare censitv to human beans itz nawt swag 2 dew that.”

It seems Bieber fans aren’t taking the prank well at all.

“ lol your gonna get killed retard,” tweeted @Hailey_N_Bieber.

The whole battle started after Carney was confronted by TMZ reporters backstage the night of the Grammy Awards. When Carney was asked about Bieber’s absence from the awards ceremony by TMZ reporters, he seemed perplexed, responding, “he’s rich, right?”

"Grammys are for, like, music, not for money ... and he's making a lot of money. He should be happy,” Carney said.

It was a pretty innocuous comment, but that that didn’t stop Bieber from making Carney a target, tweeting on Tuesday, “the black keys drummer should be slapped around haha.”

About two hours later, the message had been retweeted nearly 30,000 times and some of Bieber’s fans were insulting and making threats against Carney. At first, the drummer seems to have taken the whole experience with a grain of salt, but now he’s striking back.