Kim Woo Bin
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  • "Black Knight" star Kim Woo Bin got candid about his health status
  • Kim said he's now "healthier" and thankful that people were "seeking" him out
  • Kim was diagnosed with nasopharyngeal cancer in 2017

Kim Woo Bin is now "healthier," as he returns to acting following a years-long hiatus due to a battle with cancer.

In an interview with the press to promote his third comeback project "Black Knight" — which premiered on Netflix Friday — the 33-year-old South Korean star gave an update on his health and recovery after being diagnosed with nasopharyngeal cancer in 2017, according to Soompi.

"I'm sleeping well, eating well, and thinking positively. Being busy is something to be thankful for and means that there are a lot of people seeking me out. That's why I'm trying to work happily," Kim said.

"As I first started work, I wanted people to seek me out, but once I had a lot of work, my body felt tired and I thought about wanting to rest," he recalled, before adding that he has since had a change of heart and is now "more grateful" about the opportunities he has received, despite having to work long hours.

Kim also shared that he no longer felt burdened by his colleagues' concerns regarding his health. Instead, he was thankful that many people acknowledged that he was healthier now.

"To reiterate my current health, they said at the hospital that my body is much healthier than it was before. When I do health checkups, everything is normal. Including the reporters and myself, I'm probably the healthiest here. I don't really do things that are bad for my body," he said, before reminding reporters to take care of their own health and get a checkup at least once a year.

The model-turned-actor stars in "Black Knight" as the legendary Knight 5-8, who is well known for being highly skilled in physical combat. The dystopian series is set in the year 2071 when the world is infiltrated by toxic air pollution, and only about 1% of the population has survived, according to a description of the show.

Discussing what led him to join the project, Kim said that the story was "interesting" as it could "potentially happen in real life," especially with people worldwide being forced to wear masks outside due to the COVID-19 pandemic, per Soompi.

"While reading the script, I could feel each character coming to life and I was curious about 5-8. That's why I decided to join," he added.

Kim made his first K-drama comeback last year, appearing in "Our Blues" in a supporting role as Park Jeong Jun. He also starred in Choi Dong Hoon's two-part sci-fi fantasy movie, "Alienoid," which was released in July of the same year.

Six years ago, he was diagnosed with a rare type of cancer where "malignant (cancer) cells form in the tissues of the nasopharynx." Kim took a break from acting to recover and receive medical treatments but has since been declared cancer-free.

Kim Woo Bin
Kim Woo Bin