• Blackpink's fans are disappointed over the group’s delayed comeback activities
  • Many fans think the new merchandise is merely a money grab ploy
  • BLINKS want YG Entertainment to prepare comeback activities for the girl group

Blackpink fans, more commonly known as BLINKS, urged each other to ignore the girl group’s newly-released collectibles and instead renewed their call for YG Entertainment to mount activities for the group.

On Valentine’s Day, YG Entertainment announced that new Blackpink merchandise will soon be released. On its website, the label said 2022 Welcoming Collection will be released on March 2 and will contain a DVD that shows Jennie, Jisoo, Lisa and Rosé revealing their most notable experiences as members of Blackpink. Apart from the DVD, the two sets of packages also contain photobooks, mini notebooks and desk calendars among other offerings.

The 2022 Welcoming set was being marketed as a new year's souvenir for loyal fans. However, it seems BLINKS are not happy about it.

“First of all, Rosé is so cute in green but please don't buy it. Otherwise, their comeback will keep getting delayed. And why are we supposed to pay for the video. We literally got no content and they asked us to pay for those videos, then what's the use of Blackpink YouTube?,” a fan wrote on Twitter.

Another one tweeted, “Don't buy it guys. It's super plain, zero effort in it. If you don't buy it the girls aren't gonnna lose money or anth. They are still earning big by their endorsements. So yea doesn't buy this thing which YGE put zero effort in.”

The quartet even teased the arrival of their merchandise in a new video which quickly garnered over two million views on YouTube.

“We’re going to answer questions sent by BLINKS,” Jennie said as they sat on a white couch with a pastel-themed background. “That’s good,” Lisa replied.

The video also showcases messages sent by BLINKS from all over the world.

Billboard tweeted about the trailer clip and wrote, “@Blackpink has teased the release of their 2022 Welcoming Collection in a video for YouTube.”

BLINKS again took to the comments section and expressed their emotions over the group’s delayed comeback activities.

“Why would you pay to watch them play games and do the shoot for this. So many other Kpop groups show this content for free on their channels. Talk about a money grab from their company. Just sad,” a fan said.

“Don’t promote this. We want the music first!” another commentator said.

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33. Blackpink's first musical release quickly dominated charts - Their first musical release, the single album “Square One,” featured killer tracks “Boombayah” and “Whistle.” Both debuted atop the Billboard World Digital Songs Chart, at no. 1 and 2. The tracks also secured the 1 and 7 spots on the Gaon Digital Chart. “Whistle” also won Best Music Video at the 2016 Mnet Asian Music Awards shortly after. Facebook/BLACKPINKOFFICIAL/ YG Entertainment