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NBC "Voice" coach Blake Shelton, pictured Aug. 12, 2012, said they he was not going to stop drinking Tuesday. Getty Images

Rumors swirled for weeks NBC “Voice” coach Blake Shelton needed rehab to treat his apparent alcoholism, but the country singer doesn’t care what other people say about his drinking habits. The “Sangria” singer took to Twitter Tuesday afternoon to speak his mind.

Shelton, 39, penned a succinct yet poignant tweet. “I'm drinking,” he wrote. “Get over it.” The post was liked more than 5,000 times and shared more than 1,600 times by his 13.8 million followers.

Shelton has faced criticism about his drinking since he divorced country singer Miranda Lambert during the summer. The star, who dropped weight on the “divorce diet” said he’s happier than ever since he parted ways with Lambert.

At first he wasn’t in a good place, but now he is, he told CMT's “Hot 20 Countdown” Saturday. “It's amazing how quickly life can turn around for you. I've had some pretty cool things in recent times that have happened, and I'm loving it,” he said.

The “Voice” coach also discussed the gossip about his life in the tabloids. “I'm not in rehab,” he said. “I have to pick up a magazine every now and then to see what my alter ego, I guess, [is doing]."

One thing he didn’t talk about in the candid interview is his current status with the No Doubt singer and fellow “Voice” coach Gwen Stefani. The blond star flirted with Shelton during Monday’s episode of the hit NBC reality show. While Stefani, 45, described Shelton as “handsome,” she simply described producer Pharrell Williams as “cute.” She also added she and Shelton are “tight.”

Shelton denied he and Stefani were dating, but he certainly hasn’t denied that he likes alcohol. He joked about drinking during a set at the iHeartRadio festival in Las Vegas last month. "So then, I just want y'all to know, I got nervous and I'm still nervous right now, and when I get nervous I tend to drink a little bit, okay," he told the audience, according to People magazine. "I'm just being honest with you."

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