Alan Ritchson as Arthur, Tumisho Masha as Jeff Warrens
Arthur (Alan Ritchson) is welcomed to a seemingly idyllic town in a sneak peek from Season 1, Episode 10 of “Blood Drive.” Syfy/David Bloomer

Arthur finds a new home in Season 1, Episode 10 of “Blood Drive.”

In a sneak peek from next week’s episode of the Syfy series, Arthur (Alan Ritchson) — after wandering aimlessly in the vast wasteland of The Scar — finds himself in the entrance of a town, where two girls are selling lemonade for 5 cents a cup.

Tired and dehydrated, Arthur grabs the pitcher of lemonade and drinks directly from it. Shocked by what Arthur does, one of the girls calls their dad for help. A man, along with many other people, comes out from the gate of the town and confronts Arthur.

“Hey! Nobody steals from my girls!” says the angry man.

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After Arthur apologizes, the man’s tone changes and reveals that he’s just joking around. He introduces himself as Jeff Warrens (Tumisho Masha) and welcomes him to Cronenburgh. While Cronenburgh is nothing but idyllic in the surface, the sneak peek reveals that the town church houses a mysterious pit where people are seemingly put to die.

In the trailer for the episode, Grace (Christina Ochoa) arrives in Cronenburgh and tries to convince Arthur to go back on the road with her. But the former cop, who appears to have started a new life as a shoemaker in Cronenburgh, says that he likes it there.

Grace soon finds out that the whole town is keeping a big secret. At one point in the trailer, Grace — through her compact mirror — notices that the residents of the town actually have wounded faces. Grace tries to tell Arthur what she sees, but Jeff confiscates her mirror, saying that they are forbidden. When Grace continues to cause trouble, Jeff has her thrown into the church pit.

While it’s unclear how Grace and Arthur can escape the town, the show’s page on the Syfy website states that the pair “must turn to the last person they should” in order to survive.

“Blood Drive” Season 1, episode 10, titled “Scar Tissue,” airs on Wednesday, Aug. 16 at 10 p.m. EDT on Syfy.