In case you’ve been living under a rock, presumably the kind that doesn’t gather moss, Bob Dylan finally released the music video for “Like A Rolling Stone,” on Tuesday. It comes nearly five decades after the seminal song was released, but all the same it’s generated tremendous fanfare from fans and casual viewers alike.

Although 2013 has already seen its share of interactive music videos, “Like A Rolling Stone” sets itself apart by ingeniously allowing viewers to flip through different simultaneous channels like a television. And the surprise cameos by celebrities lip-synching the lyrics don’t hurt either.

"The effect can only be surrealistic if the channels are realistic," Vania Heymann, the 27-year-old director behind the music video, told Rolling Stone. "In reality, channel-flipping is a very passive act. You're sitting back in your house, doing nothing. We wanted to make it an active thing, re-editing the song itself to make a new version."

"It's an hour and 15 minutes of content if you watch every channel from top to bottom," Heymann points out. "It's like a feature film inside a five-minute music video."

Since it’s hard to catch all the gems in this video in one go, here’s a roundup of our favorite moments in no particular order:

1. “Property Brothers”: Any appearance by an HGTV show in a Bob Dylan music video is going to elicit some eyebrow raises. That being said, these real-estate enthused identical twins make it work, subtly slipping in Dylan lines as they show a pair of prospective homeowners around.

The cast of "Property Brothers" in Bob Dylan's music video for "Like a Rolling Stone."

2. This guy with an amazing beard from the History Channel.

history channel dude
This bearded man shows off his beard in "Like a Rolling Stone."

3. Drew Carey’s appearance as host of a faux episode of "The Price Is Right.”

Drew Carey hosting a fake episode of "Price is Right."

4. The cast of “Pawn Stars,” because, what says Bob Dylan if not the appraisers of a modernized “Antiques Road Show?"

The cast of "Pawn Stars" in Bob Dylan's music video for "Like a Rolling Stone."

5. Danny Brown: Revered for his creative metaphors, and subversive embrace of hip hop, Danny Brown's appearance alongside Dylan actually blends right in.

Danny Brown in "Like a Rolling Stone."