Ray J is just leaking like Christina Aguilera at an Etta James funeral! The big news was Radar Online's claim that Ray J has a ton of sex tapes with the late Queen of Pop Whitney Houston that he's sitting on until he can get a huge payday, but some gossip also emerged about his relationship with Whitney Houston's daughter, Bobbi Kristina Brown: he didn't like her much!

According to Radar Online, the online counterpart to gossip rag Star magazine, Ray J and Bobbi Kris absolutely didn't get along. Ray thought Krissy was extremely disrespectful towards him and acted bratty, and he didn't like the way she talked back to her mom.

The source continued, saying, Ray understood that Krissy didn't trust him, but she never gave him a chance – although can we really blame her? Ray J is, after all, synonymous with his sex tape with Kim Kardashian. Would you want that man dating your mother?

Furthermore, unsettling rumors surfaced today – also in Star magazine – that Ray J had a ton of explicit material of himself and Whitney Houston. If that's truly the kind of man Ray J is, then it would also explain the Houston family's long-time dislike of him.

But then again, Ray has denied the rumors about sex tapes, and the world did see a more sympathetic side of Ray J around Whitney's death. One of the first public reactions was Ray J pacing around the hotel lobby repeating Whitney dead, looking clearly distraught. We all gotta live with that, he was reported as saying, over and over.

And at her funeral, his anguished and loving grasp at Whitney's funeral was considered by many to be the most emotional event of the afternoon. And if you believe the rumors, Ray J's sister Brandy even convinced him to seek professional help for his grief after Whitney's death.

Ray has told his family he doesn't know if he will ever be able to listen to Whitney's version of I Will Always Love You ever again, a different source told Radar earlier this month. What people don't realize is how much Ray loves Whitney, they said. He never refers to her in the past tense.