Bobbi Kristina Brown’s aunt, Leolah Brown, blamed “some evil pitiful person” for the condition of her niece, who has been hospitalized for over two months after being found unresponsive in a bathtub at her Atlanta home. The news comes amid conflicting statements from the Brown and Houston families over the 22-year-old’s current medical condition.

“I am angry right now because some evil pitiful person took advantage of my niece Bobbi Kriss and caused her to be where she is today,” Leolah wrote in her latest Facebook post. “Thank God Inspite of what they tried to do SHE IS HERE.”

Leolah also warned her fans and well-wishers to learn from her family's tragedy and keep away from such people.

“There are people like this even in your lives right as I speak. People who hate on you or people who seek to do you or your family members harm for no reason other than to gain something they feel they need or something they simply lust for. They smile real nice and seem so polite meanwhile, they continue to plot evil against you,” she added.

In her earlier Facebook post on Tuesday, Leolah had slammed the family of late Grammy Award-winning singer Whitney Houston and urged Pat Houston to stay away from Bobbi Kristina. However, she did not mention any names in her latest post.

The Houston family had confirmed earlier this week that Bobbi Kristina is off life support and is breathing on her own. Bobby Brown had first shared the news about his daughter’s condition to a Dallas audience. He later released a statement through his lawyer following misleading comments about Bobbi Kristina in the media.

Bobby’s lawyer revealed that the aspiring actress has recently shown signs of improvement. Bobbi Kristina was put in a medically induced coma after being found unconscious on Jan. 31. It was reportedly Bobby Brown's belief that there would be an improvement in his daughter's condition after being moved from Atlanta’s Emory University Hospital to the city’s DeKalb Medical rehabilitation facility, which is reportedly known for its long-term care.

On Monday night, Whitney's mother, Cissy Houston, claimed that while her granddaughter's condition had improved, the brain damage Bobbi Kristina sustained is “irreversible” and that she remains unresponsive.