bobbi kristina brown
Bobbi Kristina Brown is reportedly off the ventilator, according to the Houston family. Although she is breathing for herself, the 22-year-old remains unresponsive. Reuters

Bobbi Kristina Brown, who has remained unresponsive for over three months, has only a slim chance of recovery, neurological experts have reportedly claimed. The 22-year-old’s grandmother Cissy Houston had said last month that Bobbi Kristina’s condition might never improve, while her father, Bobby Brown, has said that she had shown signs of improvement.

Changes in Bobbi Kristina’s condition may come more slowly and physical therapy would depend on her “level of consciousness,” Dr. Mark Liker, a neurosurgeon with Dignity Health’s Northridge Hospital Medical Center in California, told Extra TV. Some doctors also reportedly claimed that medical experts may be able to keep the aspiring actress in a relatively stable condition, but without any real progress.

“I’m sure that the facility is doing the best that they can in terms of rehabilitation and ways to help her,” Liker reportedly said, adding that a patient like Bobbi Kristina could remain in a rehabilitation facility “essentially forever.”

The daughter of the late Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown was hospitalized after she was found unresponsive in a bathtub at her Atlanta home on Jan. 31. Bobbi Kristina was moved to DeKalb Medical facility in Atlanta in mid-March from the city’s Emory University Hospital. It was reportedly Bobby Brown's belief that there would be an improvement in Bobbi Kristina’s condition after being moved to the rehabilitation facility, which is reportedly known for its long-term care.

Meanwhile, the Brown and the Houston families have been feuding over Bobbi Kristina’s $20 million estate, which she inherited from her mother after her death in 2012. Bobby Brown has filed for guardianship over his daughter’s estate, which according to Whitney’s will is currently under Cissy’s custody.

Cissy has reportedly claimed that she will fight Bobby Brown “to the grave” over Bobbi Kristina’s estate.